Fruit or Vegetable?

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit
I paid $13 for two dragon fruits.
Is a Dragon Fruit a Fruit or Vegetable?
Botanically, this is...
A Berry! (A type of fruit)
Culinarily, this is...

Dragon fruit, sometimes called pitaya or pitahaya, is a kind-of funny-looking fruit grown in more tropical climates. I also use a poorly-drawn representation of it in my logo for this site because of its odd spikes.

This is pretty obviously a fruit regardless of how you look at it. It notably has many small seeds spread throughout the flesh, making it similar to eating kiwis, just less flavorful. As botanical fruits are the parts of the plant containing the seeds, this clearly meets that definition. It is more specifically a berry botanically as it is derived from a single ovary and is all fleshy.

Culinarily, it is also considered a fruit. This should be guessable by the fact that it is called a “dragon fruit.” It is sweet and colorful and eaten raw. It is not considered a berry culinarily though. If nothing else, this is because it’s huge compared to what we consider berries, but its thick, not-very-edible skin certainly does not help. You could have guessed this again though, because it’s not called the “dragon berry.”